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Training on Laser Tattoo Removal

Students perform Laser Tattoo Removal on Ankle

Training on Leg Veins

The key to successful treatment on Leg Veins is knowing the diameter of the veins. 

Training on Sunspots & Freckles on Arms

This is superficial pigment that lies in the epidermis and easy for the Laser to target and…

Training on Laser Skin Tightening

Energy of the Long Pulsed Nd:yag is delivered deep into the dermis.

Training on Sunspots & Freckles on Back

Training on Sunspots/Freckles on Back.

Training on Facial Veins

Student performing a Face Vein treatment using a Vascular hand piece.

Training on Laser Hair Removal on Face

Students learn to use the laser to treat clients face.

Training on Laser Paper Exercise

Students practice Laser technique on Black paper card before treating real clients.

Training on Laser Hair Removal Theory

Learning the theory behind Laser is important when it comes to practical.

Training on Laser Hair Removal on Asian Skin

Students learn how to treat dark skin with Laser Hair Removal.

Training on IPL Photo Rejuvenation

The students use an intense pulse light system to provide a Rejuvenation Facial.

Training on Acne & Acne Scarring

Students assess the skin to check the grade of Acne.

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